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Sara Wynne DPT, CSCS
Although gymnastics is the main focus of my business, it is my experience in other sports that makes me uniquely prepared to help you navigate this different time. 

Let me help you plan your return from this unexpected "offseason" to help minimize injury risk and maximize potential.  
Kerry Bair RD, LDN, MPH
I have seen first hand the power good food has to make better gymnasts and healthier people. 

Healthy eating has the power to help you practice and perform better, improve the way your body recovers, and decrease the likelihood of injury. I am excited to work with you to help you and your gymnast achieve your goals. 
Sara Wynne is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. She was a former gymnast at the collegiate level. Her career was terminated by an injury, and she has made it her mission to help others stay healthy and get back in the sport!
Sara Wynne DPT, CSCS

Kerry Bair RD, LDN, MPH

Kerry Bair is a Registered Dietitian and Gymnastics Nutrition Expert. She was a former gymnast at the collegiate level and competitive coach. She has always had a love for food and nutrition. Watching her friends and teammates struggle with their nutrition, she has made it her mission to help the next generation of gymnasts fuel appropriately and develop a positive relationship with food.
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